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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the site hosted?

We host the new website for you. SwitcheRR offers a shared network with reliable uptime. Dedicated servers are available with advance hosting package.


Do you offer SSL?

Yes, each plan offers the ability to setup SSL. The ‘Enterprise’ package includes SSL with hosting.


What does the onetime setup cover?

The setup covers website conversion to WordPress and access to cPanel and depending on the plan, design upgrade by our team.


Will my site ranking be effected?

Page ranking is made up of a few components. Of course any change to the site structure would effect the score depending on what metric are used to tally the score, Our conversion process However, preserves a lot of the website content and back links that makeup this score. Meaning keywords and meta data are kept as referenced from the old site.


 Will my emails transfer too?

 Yes, we offer email hosting under each available service plan. This setups is not automatic, however the cPanel portal gains you this ability. Please visit our pricing page for more detail.


Do I need to transfer my domain?

No, but we do offer domain registration under all hosting levels. The ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ levels include this.


How much does this cost?

You can review our full pricing and offering via the pricing page here.


Do you have example sites I can review?

Yes, please visit our ‘Clients‘ page for more details and live examples.