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Make all your sites responsive and modern in minutes


SwitcheRR offers our partners the most efficient and cost effective way to transfer all their existing clients website to a modern responsive platform instantly & in volume.

We understand that many of our partners have clients stuck on legacy CMS systems with no easy way to transfer them onto a responsive platform. SwitcheRR offers our partners an easy way to reinvigorate the sales relationship with these customers through solving the age old problem of being locked into an out dated CMS. Our patented SwitcheRR technology will allow our partners to offer a new, mobile-friendly solutions to all their clients whilst simultaneously refreshing old relationships & creating new ones.

We chose to build our technology on top of the world leading and most popular CMS – WordPress – giving our partners the full flexibility and power of the largest plugin & theme library in the world without the necessity of being a WordPress expert. Regardless of the specific platform your clients website is on we can write a specific recipe for our engine that transfers all content, images, videos & structure and maps them to a responsive template – instantly giving your client a brand new responsive site. We also automatically add required plugins, themes and media in the process, as well as any custom scripts you might need.

Simply provide us with a spreadsheet of all your clients sites you’d like to convert.


Our switcheRR algorithm crawls all the sites on your list, reconfiguring them into a responsive platform.


Switcherr will automatically output all the sites on your spreadsheet in a new responsive design that looks great on all devices.

The Batch Process

Batch processing is the volume transferring of all your clients websites into WordPress. For best results batches should be done in groups from specific CMS’s.

• Provide us with a list of sites you’d like to convert. A CSV or basic spreadsheet is fine.

• Specify the existing CMS and we’ll create a recipe for converting and transferring all the sites is a snap.

• We design your custom Word press instance.

• Preselect your plugins (SEO, e-commerce, social, analytics etc).

• Select your themes and media.

• Add custom scripts and or widgets.

• SwitcheRR will output a new WordPress installations for each site. We also offer a clean up and modernization service to keep your sites ahead of current design trends.




  • The minimum transfer is 100 sites.
  • We also offer transferring to alternate CMS systems other than WordPress. Contact us for a quote here.

Need Help? Call us at (877) 205 - 5420 | 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday EST Live Chat, Email and Tickets are also available.